The Dezyne code generator produces code suitable for application level software for controlled systems.

Dezyne guarantees that the generated code preserves the verified and validated properties of the modelled behaviour.

How does it work

  • Press the Generate Code button CodeGenerationButton that can be found on the Dezyne taskbar

  • Select the target language from the list

  • Next a pop-up will appear prompting for the destination folder of the generated code

Getting files needed for compilation (Runtime view)

Depending on the target language you might need other files that are required for compilation of generated files.

These files can be found in the Runtime view.

In case the Runtime view is not visible, select "Window" in the main menu task bar, go to "Show view" and select "Runtime".

In the Runtime view, select the right target language, select the files you need (most likely all of the ones that appear), click with the right mouse button and select download files or drag the files to the project in the project explorer.