Dezyne provides means to reason about (any part of) software systems without having to execute it. Using Dezyne you can model the system behaviour, simulate the modelled behaviour, and you can check the occurrence of specific sequence of events.

How does it work?

  • Behaviour simulation

    • Press the Model simulation button Simulation buttonthat can be found on the Dezyne toolbar.

    • In case the model file has multiple components and or interfaces a pop-up will appear where the model to be simulated can be selected.

    • Select an event in the dedicated bottom layer of the sequence view window (called Select Next Event) that lists the events that are possible at the particular state the component or interface is in.

    • Use the Step back in simulation buttonbutton to go back one step in simulation.

    • Values of the variables used by the models involved in the simulation can be followed in the Watch Window.

  • Saving traces

    • Simulation traces can be saved by clicking on the save trace button Saving a trace in the trace view window.

  • Execution-trace replay

    • open the model in the editor for which you want to do an execution trace replay.

    • Go to the Simulation perspective in case you are in the Design perspective (click on Simulation perspective button to be found top right)

    • In the trace view window open a file where an execution trace was previously saved by pressing the load trace button load trace button.

    • If the respective trace is a valid trace it will be displayed in the sequence diagram window, otherwise an error message will be displayed mentioning that there is no matching trace through the selected model.

For more information about the sequence diagram and watch window view see Viewing sequence diagrams and Using the watch window.