We are pleased to announce that on the 25th of June 2015 Dezyne 0.9.0 is released with a number of fixes as well as many new and improved features, including:

  • System view navigation. The System view allows you to view the structure of your models: how system components are constructed from other subsystems or components. It is now possible to expand systems to view their internal structure in one view, zoom further into subsystems, navigate back and forth, and navigate to all systems that include a component or subsystem.

  • Event table view. The new event table view has been added to show a normalised, tabular view of a model from an event perspective. For each event the states where the event is handled, the guards, actions and next steps are displayed. The event table also provides an means to navigate around a model. Note that for existing workspaces the event table will not appear automatically and requires you to open event table view via Window→Show view or reset your Design perspective via Window→Reset Perspective… after clicking on the Design perspective.

  • Command line client. A command line client for Linux and Windows is now available. The client provide command line access to the main Dezyne features.

  • Model verification performance. The speed of model verification has drastically been improved and is now even a factor two faster compared to ASD model verification.

  • Syntax changes. This release introduces a number of syntax changes, see below, and thus it is needed to upgrade your Dezyne client application.

    • For consistency also events without parameters now need to be defined with brackets (). In the interface behaviour section events are used without brackets, in all other places the brackets () are needed.

    • Type specifications are made consistent and follow the pattern: .

    • The keyword for finite set of integers is now subint, e.g. subint MyIntType {2..5};

    • External definitions are introduced as : external MyExt $someC++def$;

Known issues

A few known issues that we will improve quickly:

  • Stepping backwards during simulation occasionally leads to the watch window and the sequence diagram being out of synch. When this happens, press the “Step to last” button on the watch window to bring the watch window in synch again with the sequence diagram.

  • The Code completion feature sometimes offers incorrect options. Especially Code completion after a . (dot) is not yet working correctly for a number of cases.

  • Scrolling in the system view and state chart is not always smooth on Mac. Sometimes a scroll bar is missing.

  • Handling of syntax errors is not always consistent. Some checks are performed while typing, others after saving. Some errors disappear when correcting them on the fly others stay until saving.

Dezyne 0.9.0 remains an evaluation version and is provided according to the terms of our evaluation licence.

We encourage you to put it to good use and provide us with all your feedback.

Note that we expect to bring out the full commercial version next week.

Good Dezyning!

The Verum team.