The Verum team is pleased to announce that starting with the 15th of February 2017 Dezyne Release 2.2.0 is available for download.

This version is free for non-commercial use.

If you are interested in a license for commercial evaluation or commercial usage, please contact

New features and improvements

Version 2.2.0 is an extension of Release 2.1.1. The main theme of the release is ‘Improved user experience and extended applicability’. This is an indicative list of new features and improvements:

  • Possibility to generate code from multiple model files at once when using the Dezyne Eclipse GUI

  • Improved model editing

  • (improved)Dezyne model files do not need to be in the same folder but they have to be in subfolders of the source folder of a Dezyne Modelling Project or in referenced projects

  • (improved)Link between the Verify Results window and the Editor to enable jump to failure in the Editor

Solved issues

  • 7256 Null-pointer exception after connection loss

  • 7224 Model (in which a namespace is specified) verifies but generated code does not compile

  • 7217 Internal error when I type a wrong argument with an event

  • 7215 Verifier error indicated in wrong file.

  • 7213 Timeout error while doing a model verification

  • 7212 Canceling a model verification will not cancel the complete process

  • 7211 Layout in editor distorted

  • 7194 Remember last used folder for generated code output

  • 7193 Add possibility to generate code from multiple models belonging to a system or project

  • 7192 Show linked file with different icon

  • 7191 import model file from other project

  • 7177 bug in code generation C++ when using ‘blocking’ for few events

  • 7176 C++ and C++msvc11 code generation of a System Model, is missing a filled vector of check_bindings() to the children

  • 7158 A ‘Timeout waiting for task’ is received when converting a lot of files and during a long verification

  • 7149 Xtext parser error when specifying newly added data parameter in a component

  • 7146 code generation issue: superfluous guards

  • 7144 An ‘eclipse cancel’ of a task does not ‘kill’ the dzn process

  • 7137 When importing files some error messages are shown in wrong file

  • 7115 Click through to actual model

  • 7113 Clarify statement ‘Press link below’ in the ‘Introducing Dezyne’ cheat sheet

  • 7112 Changing browser requires a message telling the user he should restart

  • 7081 Ensure that processing of Dezyne model files located outside a project does not report a NullPointException

  • 7008 Support importing Dezyne models located in different folders

  • 6939 The ‘Check model correctness and update diagrams and views’ button brings back the closed views

  • 6809 After inserting new lines, the editor is not always updated

Known issues

  • Due to file locking policies users who are using Dezyne on a Windows system are required to stop all ‘node.exe’ processes before running the Dezyne Eclipse GUI 2.2.0 for the first time.

  • The Dezyne command line client 2.1.0 does not automatically update to 2.2.0. Users who use Dezyne on a Linux or Mac OS system should use the Help->Install dzn command line client option and choose dzn-2.2.0 to upgrade the Dezyne command line client to 2.2.0. Users who use Dezyne on a Windows system are required to uninstall dzn manually and stop all ‘node.exe’ processes before starting the Dezyne Eclipse GUI 2.2.0.

  • Views (i.e. system views, state charts, state and event tables) are not cleared if they can not be updated due to an error in the model or due to missing data<

For a complete list of known issues click on the following link: Known issues in Dezyne

Your free copy of Dezyne is waiting for you, and we encourage you to put Dezyne 2.2.0 to good use and provide us with all your feedback.

Good Dezyning!

The Verum team.